Caponata (Marinated Eggplant Compost)

NOTE:  Caponata is a Sicilan dish consisting mainly of eggplant and other vegetables.  A compote that can be used as an appetizer, or to accompany meat or fish entrées.  If you love eggplant, you will love this.

Bagna Cauda

NOTE:  Bagna Cauda originated in Provence, France.  However, it has been associated with the Piedmont region of Italy since the  16th century.  A wonderful hot dip consisting of olive oil, butter, garlic and anchovies.  Used to dip various vegetables, and titbits of  crusty Italian bread. …

Pasta With Fresh Tomatoes & Basil

NOTE:  This dish is so delightful in the summer when fresh basil and fresh tomatoes are available.  It only takes the time to boil the pasta, and everything else just falls into place. It is so good, one could easily become addicted. 

Italian Beef Soup with Meatballs

NOTE: My mother, Ann Fiorino, would make this soup during the winter months.  We always looked forward to dipping her homemade Italian bread into the hot broth.  Instead of stew meat, I have changed this up a bit and used a baked chuck roast in…

Italian Split Pea Soup

NOTE:  It took family members to remember this wonderful soup made by my mother, Ann Fiorino.  It is a hearty delicious soup that warms the heart and soul.  I hope you love this soup as much as our family.