Rosalie Serving

Rosalie Fiorino Harpole is the author of three cookbooks,Rosalie Serving Italian,Rosalie Serving Country, andRosalie Serving Best Loved Italian. Her first cookbook,Rosalie Serving Italian, is currently out of print, but the Country and Best Loved Italiancookbooks can be found on E-books and in many of the local Barnes & Nobel bookstores in the St. Louis area. Her cookbooks can also be found in many of the Italian Markets located on “The Hill” in St. Louis, MO. Cookbooks can also be ordered from Rosalie directly. Rosalie’s services also include: Catering for small and large groups, hosting in-home cooking classes, speaking onBoundingwith Family and Friends,by way of cooking, and doing charitable cooking classes for school groups. Please contact Rosalie via email [email protected] if any of the above services are desired.

Rosalie’s passion is cooking and serving her wonderful dishes, and hopefully you can come in contact with her through these delightful cookbooks.

Rosalie Serving ItalianA woman holding a plate with cake on it.
Rosalie Serving Country