The Lion and The Lamb

The month of March is just around the corner, and I tend to think it is the month of anticipation. We are all anxious to feel the spring air, see the blooming of daffodils and grape hyacinths, witness the beginning of irises and azaleas, and treasure the flower catalogs. It is like the month of magic because on any certain day, the grass will begin to green up and mother nature will slowly awaken.


We start cleaning out the flower boxes, watch for the sale of the first pansies, and dream of making some new flower beds. We see the spring fashions replacing the winter, and many of us get the “fever.” But then we come to realize that even if the first day of Spring is March 19 this year, we must remember the adage… “March… the month of the Lion and the Lamb.” We have come to realize that March could come in ever so calm, like the lamb, but then go out in a fury of snow like the lion.


I can remember planting pansies one year around the first of March because they looked so beautiful on display at the market, and the weather was warm and calm. But, by the end of March, I was scrambling for sheets to cover them while listening to the snow and frost report.


So, I say, hang in there everyone, and never trust the month of March. Just dream about those flowers, because they will come, but not after some surprises. Don’t put the gloves and earmuffs up just yet. The hot soup days are yet not over. Make something delicious like my Stuffed Cabbage Rolls with Tomato Sauce. It will make the wait for the pansies a little more tolerable.


Happy Spring everyone, and remember that waiting makes the heart grow fonder, or something silly like that.


Love, Rosalie

A plate of food with meat and sauce.