Meatball Mania

A man kissing an older woman on the cheek.Book Signing with my cookbooks has always been fun for me. Mainly, because the surprises never stop, and meeting people from every walk of life is an adventure. One of these surprises took place at the DiGregorio’s Italian Market located in St. Louis, Mo., on what we call, The Italian Hill.

It was a typical Saturday afternoon, and I and my cookbooks, Rosalie Serving Best Loved Italian and Rosalie Serving Country were all set up to meet people and hand out my usual cake samples; a lure to get people to stop and look at the cookbooks. “Oh, are you really the author?” was the most frequent question asked, followed by “Congratulations!”


All was going well when suddenly a gentleman and his wife came to the table, and with much delight said, “Oh, Rosalie, can’t believe you’re here today”! They went on…” We just love your meatball recipe in your Italian cookbook, and we make them all the time. Can we take your picture?” “Of course,” was my reply. With that the wife gets out her phone and her husband come’s behind the table. He states, “I’m going to kiss you on the cheek, and he immediately wraps his arms around me and plants a kiss on my cheek, just as he promised. I could feel my face getting red, and I was so stunned, that I started laughing.


The gentleman then proceeded to motion people from everywhere to gather to my table. “People!” he says, “This lady has the best Italian meatball recipe that you will every taste. You will just have to get her Italian cookbook!” Some folks saw what just happened and of course they saw my red face and start laughing as well. But I must say, I was signing the Italian Cookbook for the next few minutes. All for the meatballs!


The couple were very kind and assured me that they were my biggest fans. I asked them if I could have a copy of the picture, mainly because I needed proof for the memory, and to never forget the “Meatball Mania.”