Mr. Peppers Rises High

A black and white dog is sitting in front of the camera.

Mr. Peppers poses for his Debut Booksigning.

Mr. Peppers, as many of you know by now, will be 2 years old on February 7 of this year. We plan to have a birthday party for him with his favorite food which is anything I am cooking at the time. Since he loves to chew on multiple things such as slippers, toothbrushes, hair bands, and most anything he can find, we plan on getting him bone-filled goodies. We figure he can chew for hours and hopefully leave our stuff alone. His signature:  he steals many household items and then hides them under the coffee table. If ever we are missing an item, we check his stash first.

Full of personality, this puppy never lacks us for entertainment. His recent escapade is “riding high.”  Since he loves to ride in the car with us, weather permitting, recently we have noticed he hops onto the back window ledge. That way, he keeps an eye on us as well on whomever will give him a wave. We have also become extremely popular, with horn blowing, waving, and smiling while pointing to the rear of the car. The only remedy will be resorting to doggy seat belt, which I am sure will dash his adventure.

I must say for two old folks, we do enjoy the never-ending silliness, love, and comfort that this Havanese puppy provides. We hope to someday write a book on Peppers the Menace to replace “Dennis.”




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