Mr. Peppers Settles In

A black and white dog is sitting in front of the camera.

Mr. Peppers

Mr. Peppers, our Havanese puppy, is now 16 months old. I have blogged about him since we brought him home at 9 weeks. Some of you have followed him along with me, so you know he was quite a challenge. Chewing everything in sight, stashing his find underneath the bed, running away when called, and not obeying in the least. But with time, he has sweetened, minding is manners much better, and listening when I have heart-to-heart talks with him. He is quite the playful soul, always bringing us toys so we will play with him, constantly wanting attention, and never ceasing to let us know he is in the room.

The past blogs will explain his path to this point: Mr. Peppers, Mr. PeppersUpdate, Mr. Peppers Goes to Prison, Mr. Peppers Repents, Mr. Peppers Entertains, Mr. Peppers Sweetens, and today, Mr. Peppers Settles In. The saga of this little 12-pound puppy never ceases, and the entertainment he brings is ever new.

Every day at about 4:00 PM, we go over his learned tricks, and he gets treats for his accomplishments. However, some days I am totally off my schedule and may forget the appointment. Yesterday was one of those days, and about 5:00 PM, I heard someone up on the piano bench banging the keys. Much to my surprise, it was Mr. Peppers. He banged a few more times, then turned around and starred me in the eye. “Well, did you forget my treats”? he whined.

But then, I just couldn’t let him boss me, so I scolded his impatience. He jumped down, tail wagging like a motor, and was ready for tricks and treats. It was obvious he did not hear a word I said. We go through the routine- playing the piano, giving me 5-paws, rolling over, praying, and waiting, dancing about, and shaking paw.

After his demands were met, he jumps up in my lap and gives me a lick on the face. He is satisfied, and ready to chase squirrels in the backyard. Mr. Peppers Settles In!